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When the time comes to get a new Mac, or to upgrade an old one, count on Nolex. We can help you choose the Mac that's right for the job, get you a great price on it, and get you up and running quickly. Since consulting is sold separately from the cost of your system, we offer extremely competitive pricing on systems. You never pay for "the guy behind the counter" if you don't need those services.

Nolex works closely with an Authorized Apple Reseller to get customers excellent pricing on Macintosh desktop & laptop computers, the iPod®, and related hardware & software. (Nolex is NOT an Authorized Apple Reseller.) Our distributors have relationships with a wide variety of vendors, so you get one invoice instead of many. Our pricing is excellent, often better than mail order pricing, yet you still get personalized service.

Nolex is your source for everything that goes with your new Mac, too. Our distributor has access to printers, scanners, & digital cameras from Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, and others. We have access to software from Adobe, Quark, and other companies. We have access to cases for your laptop or iPod. If you can think of something you need for your Mac, whether for home or business use, chances are we can get it, and probably at a better price than you'd pay anywhere else.

Our distributor gives you a variety of ways to pay for things you buy from us. You can use a credit card, pay by check, or even setup a business lease. Contact us to find out more.

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